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. time now 6:12. a dangerous close call overnight. a u.s. war plane crashed. what we now know about the crew members on board. >>> and the reason state budget negotiations between democrats and republicans may be turning into another sacramento stalemate. >>> time now 6:15. we just received video of the u.s. fighter jet that crashed overnight in libya. the cause was equipment failure. now let's take a look at this. we are seeing it as you see this. libyans can be seen climbing on that burned out shell of that air force f15 fighter jet. the u.s. is saying the jet was not shot down. the two crew members on board were able to eject safely. we are told they are now back safely in american hands. >>> meantime there is growing concern about the u.s. role in the libyan conflict as coalition forces intensify the air strikes on libyan targets. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom getting reaction from capitol hill. alison. >> reporter: dave, president obama is emphasizing that u.s. participation is limited and that control will be handed over to coalition partners but at this poi
him about long-term deployment. secretary gates says both the u.s. and afghan government wants the u.s. involved after the planned 2014 combat operations. he says the u.s. is in talks with the afghan government about what the presence would like like. he also offered encouragement for the troops. >> you've had a tough winter. it will be a tougher spring and summer. you have made a lot of head way. i think you are proven with your afghan partners that this will work and we will be able to prevail. >> reporter: there is a lot of speculation in d.c. that secretary gates is preparing to resign and this could be his last trip as defense secretary to afghanistan. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. >>> in libya government forces again launched air attacks on rebel forces today. the troops loyal are trying to prevent the rebel fighters from advancing to the capitol of tripoli. already the uprising is a lot longer and more violent than the revolts that overthrew the leaders of egypt and tanisha. as the evacuation of foreign workers continues now, one group of evacwees went to ex
to restore power to the plant so they can reactivate the cooling system. >>> the u.s. government is now chartering airports to evacuate u.s. citizens because of the rising radiation levels. volunteering air fares for family members of government employees. >>> closely watching the movement of the radioactive plume coming from the crippled reactors. it's churning across the pacific ocean and expected to reach the islands south of alaska some time today. then the plume is expected to reach southern california late tomorrow. now the health experts emphasize radiation levels are plunging as that plume moves across the ocean. at worse they say, health consequences here in the u.s. would be extremely minor. now the environmental protection agency is installing more radiation monitors here in california just to keep track of any possible radiation coming from japan. ktvu's jade hernandez is live now at uc berkeley to tell us about these extra precautions. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. we are live at cal this morning. and we wanted to bring you here to the campus because a prof
in an attempt to sneak across the u.s. border. >>> also a new sign of defiance from libyan leader gadafi. why questions are being raised about whether the military operation against libya is really working. >>> good morning to you. welcome back. time now 6:16. libyan leader gadafi says western powers attacking libya will "end up in the dust bin of history." as ktvu's allison burns reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, gadafi made his first appearance since the beginning of those coalition air strikes. allison. >> reporter: dave, gadafi's forces are still advancing. the civilian death toll is mounting. and this morning there are questions about whether the military effort against him is working. >>> this is new video of u.s. fighters taking off from the uss key damage in the mediterranean sea as forces continue to pound libyan targets, gadafi sounds as defiant as ever. he made his first appearance since the attacks began and vowed to keep fighting. >> they will not terrorize us. we are making fun of throbbing course. >> reporter: president obama is cutting short his south america trip by
. republicans are striking ahead of the speech. they want more offshore drilling in the u.s. and criticizing president obama for telling brazil's president this month that the u.s. would like to be a consumer of its offshore oil. >> they got about every excuse they can find to lock up our own energy resources at home. the interior department released a report to us saying two-thirds of offshore leases in the gulf of mexico are unused but oil companies insist the permit process is too restrictive. more on what president obama is expected to say about the nuclear power during my next update in an hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c. alison burns. >>> time now 6:15. for the second time in a week an air traffic supervisor has been suspended. on sunday the faa says the supervisor at reagan national airport directed assault west airlines jet to fly too close to a private plane. they asked -- that incident comes after an air traffic controller fell asleep on the job at the very same airport. >>> the u.s. department of education issued a maximum possible fine of $55,000 against virginia tec
. regulators in washington are facing tough questions about safety reactors here in the u.s.. alison burns reports about a hearing that about to start in about 15 minutes. alison. >> reporter: dave, some members of congress say the nuclear crisis in japan is a wakeup call for the potential of a similar disaster here. energy secretary steven chew and the head of the regulatory commission will be testifying about it tomorrow. he told lawmakers yesterday the 104 reactors in the u.s. are protected. he said the u.s. is committed to nuclear power and will learn from the disaster in japan. >> are there going to be lessons learned? i'm sure there will be. we look back at our reactors and we up our game. every time we do this, we march on to ever increasing safety. >> reporter: some members of congress are not satisfied with his assurances. they point to maps like this that show nuclear reactors in the area. yellow dots indicate seismic activity here. eight of the reactors are on the west coast. they are worried they do not have the appropriate protections especially if they lose power for long per
america. over the weekend the u.s. took the lead of launching attacks in libya including this one at moammar gadhafi's compound. the u.s. will soon play more of a backup role in the international effort to protect libyan civilians. back in washington a number of democrats and republicans are speaking out saying they are confused about the u.s. role and the goal of the mission. >> we have not discovered who it is in libya we are trying to support. obviously the people that are against gadhafi but who? >> reporter: as for whether gadhafi will stay in power, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mike mullen said in several television interviews yesterday it's uncertain how the operation will end and it's a possibility that gadhafi will survive it politically. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. >>> time now 6:18. pg&e is scrambling now to create an opt out plan for their controversial smart meter program. the california puc set a deadline of thursday after several bay area communities had moratoriums on the metering. they insist smart meters are safe and plan on co
a top official who says a few days ago there were 150 u.s. rescue workers who went up there with 12 dogs. those are really critical to this effort to try to see if they can get anyone out. that's what we know about that. your second point, dave, in terms of the blackouts i mean you can see earlier when i was up on the screen the lights are on here. they did talk about having rolling blackouts because power is a problem. the nuclear power plants were providing a lot percentage of power to this part of japan. it's a densely populated very high-tech country. so what they have been doing is shutting down some of the rail lines as you can imagine 50% of bart service that's what has been happening with some of the rail lines. we were at the tokyo station today and saw signs up talking about the rail lines being closed. >> i can only imagine. if you could just before you go explain the basic mood in the area you are right now. >> reporter: dave, let me tell you, anywhere you go you see the television is on people are watching. the news has been nonstop 24 hour coverage. you can think back to ka
. you are looking at a live picture over st. louis missouri. this is coming in now. three u.s. marshalls. three federal marshalls have just been shot in a gun battle. we are also hearing another man was wounded inside of a house. again, details are very sketchy. we don't know the conditions of those three federal marshalls who were shot or even of the condition of the man wounded inside of a house. now you look at a helicopter leaving the scene. this was a wide picture of live shots combing in. we know those three marshalls were rushed to a hospital. that's all we know those marshals were shot while trying to make an arrest. the camera from that helicopter is zooming in on that crime scene. this is developing out of st. louis, missouri. three u.s. marshals shot while trying to make an arrest. we will get to you more details on this developing story and bring it to you as soon as we get them in. >>> there are overnight developments in libya as well. there is word that moammar gadhafi could be on his way out. there are conditions he is asking for in return for stepping down. >>> there is b
. >>> there are some concerns that radiation could reach the west coast of the u.s. monitoring station sits on top of the bay area air quality management building in san francisco. the device collects air samples and can detect changes in radiation levels across the country. >> it's capable of reading radiation levels on a realtime basis and then there are filter media inside the instrument that we send to the laboratory twice a week. >> now northern california has two other radiation detection instruments. one in san jose and one in sacramento. air quality officials do say they believe any radioactive material from japan will dissipate before it reaches us. >>> time now 6:08. well, today is the deadline for pg&e to prove that its gas pipeline pressure levels are safe. the deadline is a result of that deadly explosion in san bruno last september where eight people were killed. the california public utilities commission says if pg&e can't prove that its gas pipelines are operating safely, there could be severe penalties imposed on pg&e. the puc could even order the company to replace some of those
to figure out exactly who the u.s. is helping. allison. >> reporter: dave, let's get right to a live look at the house armed services committee hearing room. defense secretary robert gates and joint chief chairman testifying about how the operation in libya is going and the extent of u.s. involvement. lawmakers have already expressed concern this morning about the cost and ultimate goal of the mission there. this is some video of the rebels heading into the fight against gadafi's forces. small groups of c.i.a. operatives are now working on the ground in libya. they're trying to learn more about the rebels and the strength of gadafi's military. it's critical information as the u.s. decides whether to arm the rebels. >> we have neither ruled it in, nor ruled it out. we are considering all forms of potential assistance to the opposition from humanitarian which we're already providing to political and other forms of support. >> reporter: and also new here on capitol hill this morning i just got a letter that bay area lawmakers barbara lee and lynn woman sent to house speaker john boehner. the
on friday. again the breaking news the four journalist that were reported missing have been found. >>> the u.s. department of education is investigating a complaint from an instructor at uc santa cruz. it claims the campus is a hostile environment for jewish students. he points to antiisrael protests. uc santa cruz administrators strongly deny his allegations. >>> the chp is investigating a tragic roadway death in mill valley of a 72-year-old woman. she was hit and killed by a car last night while crossing the intersection of seminary and hodges. the driver is staying there at the scene is cooperating. it's not clear why she was walking across that intersection since there is no clearly marked crosswalk. >>> animal cruelty is facing a petaluma man seven months after his labrador retriever was found wandering the streets. bob neilson who was arrested yes could spend three years in prison. his dog which was renamed boomer is in a shelter. his front nails were worn down, his muzzle was scabbed. boomer is recovering from foster care. he will be put up for adoption when this criminal case is over.
-fly zone over libya. but u.s. defense secretary robert gates is hesitant saying that it amounts to an act of war because it would require the u.s. to attack libya and destroy its air defenses. >>> a dutch ministry spokesman says three dutch marines are being held in libya after they were captured by forces loyal to gadafi while trying to evacuate dutch workers. a spokesperson says intense negotiations are underway with the libya government to secure the marines' release. >>> time now 6:15. also word the president of yemen has agreed to a plan now from opposition leaders that includes him stepping down by the end of the year. now for weeks now thousands of protesters have been calling for the president who's been in power for more than 30 years to step down immediately. it's not clear if that plan to allow the president to stay in power for nine more months will actually be supported by all of the protesters. >>> the army has filed almost two dozen new charges against the army private suspected of turning over tens of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. the new charges against
is the ultimate goal. as u.s. and coalition strikes continue to take out miramar gaddafi's forces and military bases, rebels are still engaged in fierce fighting on the ground. details are being worked out through the weekend on the scope of the nato mission and how far the alliance will go to protect the rebels. at the pentagon, commanders say u.s. forces understand their job. >> when and where regime forces threaten the lives of their own citizens, they'll be attacked. when and where regime forces fly aircraft or attack coalition aircraft, they'll be attacked. >> reporter: so the bottom line is, there is a lot of confusion about the commitment of united states forces will intensify or diminish. so far, the united states has launched the bulk of the strikes against libyan targets, but secretary of state hillary clinton said last night that is going to change. reporting live from washington, d.c., ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and libya's government invited foreign journalists to see what it said was a funeral of victims of coalition strikes. however, reporters say they couldn't find anyone at the
: this is some of the incredible video of the devastation in japan. the u.s. pacific command say all american forces in japan have been accounted for. there are no reports of u.s. military injuries. the white house press says president obama was notified four hours ago. and says the u.s. stands by to help japan. san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi also issued a statement calling on her constituents in san francisco to stay vigilant and heed all warnings. we'll stay on top of the response for you here in d.c. and have the latest on the morning news. pam and dave back to you. >>> we know that tsunami warnings covering the california coast. let's talk to biel tweedy. good morning, bill. are you there bill? caller: i'm here are you there? >> we're here. i know you are doing a lot of different things. that warning what does that mean for you and your team and you guys are used to dealing with stuff. what are you doing now? caller: as a precaution since we've never had a tsunami hit this area we are taking precautions to make sure the people are notified. we are advising people to in low lying
says his forces will strike back if the western countries impose a no-fly zone. he says the u.s. and other countries are only interested in controlling libya's oil. but secretary of state hillary clinton made clear in an interview this morning it won't be a u.s. effort because that would only play into gadafi's propaganda. as for what the response might look like the washington post is reporting that the u.s. and other countries are considering using naval assets to bring in humanitarian aid and block armed shipments as they debate the legality of a no-fly zone. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> well, the battle continues in congress to pass a spending bill. now one democratic senator says president obama needs to do something. >> why are we doing all this when the most powerful person in these negotiations, our president, has failed to lead this debate or offer serious proposal for spending and cuts that he would be willing to fight for? >> there's a vote scheduled in the senate today on two competing bills. but neither is expected to
that u.s. sales fell for the 7th quarter in a row. that's raising doubts that wal-mart can turn around u.s. business this year. >>> are you looking for a job? this is an interesting one. later this month purina holding auditions for cat owners who love to travel. it's monday, march 19th between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. they are looking for someone who can blog about traveling with a feline companion. they will pay your travel expenses for a year and a 50,000-dollar salary. not bad, so good luck to you. >>> a live look at the big board. dow jones coming down about 14 points. here is what people on wall street say. yesterday the rumor that the jobs report was going to be good, numbers were up. today the news comes in. the numbers were down. >>> layoffs that led to extreme violence. what workers in india did after losing their job and who was the target of their anger. >>> good morning. westbound 24. the traffic is still to oakland. we'll tell you about the morning commute ahead. >>> welcome back. layoffs in indian turned deadly. laid off employees set their poston fire. it happened yesterday
up that plants cooling system. >>> president obama makes his case tonight for u.s. military involvement in libya. how the president will try to appease his critics. >>> also the local woman at the center of a walmart lawsuit about to be heard by the supreme court. >>> good morning, to you welcome back. tonight president obama speaks to the nation about the action in libya. scott mcfarland is live to tell us what is at stake for the president. >> reporter: the president makes his speech from the national defense university here in washington, d.c.. it comes ten days after the military action began in libya. there have been a flurry of developments in the past 48 hour there is. nato formerly took control of this effort yesterday. rebels have made big gains pushing closer to moammar gadhafi's home city over the weekend. the secretary of state says diplomatic efforts have been gaining traction. >> we have very tough sanctions that are fairing out and freezing gadhafi family assets. we have a lot of diplomats in libya that are flipping, changing sides. >> reporter: a lot is at st
u.s. cities. lowest point some of them in eleven years. not a huge surprise but of course not great news to be received on wall street this morning. we'll see what happens as that filters in to trading floor. >>> good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news tuesday march 29th. i'm dave clark. >>> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. want to go back out to news chopper 2 this morning. breaking news in newark where there is a refinery fire of sorts. we've been talking about this as evergreen oil. they take in hazardous waste oil from gas stations, service stations and individuals as well as antifreeze and they recycle it and reuse it. there's a fire there. so, of course, that means there's toxic waste there at this plant. >> look at where the water's focused now. >> sal, i know you've been following this as well. traffic in the immediate area certainly effected because there's a huge response. what about the nearby freeways. >> fortunately the nearby freeway is not effected. it's just far away enough from interstate 880 although it is pretty close
changes to the two biggest u.s. mortgage holders. he is preparing to tell the house financial services committee that failing to overhaul fannie mae and freddie mac will create more uncertainty in the financial markets. but he says the changes need to be made during the next two years because acting too quickly could destabilize the still shaky mortgage market. >>> federal government is fining american airlines $90,000 for a hidden fee to passengers. the airline is accused of charging passengers when they used vouchers they received when they were bumped from overbooked flights. american says it charges $30 fees for most bookings done by phone or at ticket counters. but federal officials say the vouchers could not be used in online booking. now american says it stopped the practice before the government contacted the airline. >>> time now 6:22. google now using a tricycle to add to its street view service. google says this oversized tricycle can collect images of hiking trails, amusement parks and other places cars can't easily go to. google's already started posting photos of those pl
. >>> starting this month, the u.s. army is trying out changes to its annual physical fitness. soldiers will have to run on a balance beam with two 30-pound canisters. the army says the goal is to make the physical training program more like real combat training. >>> joan collins was rushed to the hospital after attending the academy 5:wards. she's blaming the tight dress she was wearing. the 77-year-old former dynasty star said she started feeling dizzy almost passed out. where her husband called an ambulance. joan collins was rushed to the hospital. she's feeling fine now but that dress she is wearing was so tight. >> and despite a national campaign to put the breaks on distracted driving people still are surfing the internet while they are driving. a survey conducted in november by state farm insurance found that 1-5 drivers go online actually go online while driving at least once a week. it also found that 74% of people are still talking on their phones while they drive. 35% send or receive text messages while driving. >>> my goodness. hopefully none of that going on because the roads are wet
and international, the commerce department announced the u.s. trade deficit jumped by more than 14% in january. that's nearly $5 billion more than most analysts expected. combine that with what happened overnight in china announcing its trade imbalance and you have a down market. live look at the big board. the dow off 160 points. a lot of other disappointing news coming in this morning. that's not helping anything. >>> well the plans for a new san francisco bowling alley end up as a gutter ball? why the opposition is growing in south beach, even as bowlers make plans to lace up their shoes. >>> last night's standouts on "american idol" and why the judges say now the competition has really started. >>> the accident in san mateo should be clear within the half hour. that's when the sig alert should be lifted. this is near dore ray accident the coroner is on the scene. use 280. let's head back to the desk. >>> the plans for a new bowling alley and lounge hasn't will be a big hit with neighbors. it would be called lucky strike. supporters say it would inject night life in the south beach neighborhood.
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